Experienced Tree Trimming Service

Greenwood County | Laurens County | Abbeville County

Davis Tree Service is the premier tree service serving Greenwood County, Laurens County, and Abbeville County South Carolina. Our services include Lot Clearing, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump and Root Removal, and Landscape Design. We work with both commercial customers and residential customers. We also work with clients who have storm damage and local power and utility companies like Duke Energy, and Greenwood CPW.

Trimming Trees

Tree Trimming

We provide tree trimming services to residential and commercial customers. Protect your buildings and vehicles from falling branches and wind damage.

Clearing Lot

Tree Removal

We provide extensive tree removal services for our customers. Need a couple of trees removed, a lot cleared, or a new sub-division cleared.

Stump Removal

Storm Damage

Davis Tree Service provides emergency tree removal services for customers with storm or wind damage. We have our crew and the equipment available 24/7.

Property Maintenance


Our team will work with you to maintain your property and keep it in peak condition. We work with private residents and commercial owners.

Wood Chipper

Stump Removal

We have the equipment and the experience to make short work of your tree stumps. We can grind your stumps in a matter of minutes.

Grand Harbor

Landscape Design

We don't just cut down and remove trees. We also offer full landscape design and tree planting services. Our trained arborists are here to help.