Here are some frequently asked questions that we hear from our customers when they are researching tree and stump removal services.

Yes, we are happy to provide a free estimate for our work. Please click on the button at the top of the page to schedule your estimate.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

Yes, we clean up after the job. You would not know that we were there.

Yes, we offer 24 hour emergency assistance during storms. Please call 864-992-7829 for help.

We can do both. We have multiple bucket trucks and we have an experienced team of tree climbers at Davis Tree Services.

We will come out and look at your property and evaluate the situation. You will want to keep branches away from your house to limit storm damage, root damage or insects or animals getting on to your roof.

If the tree has grown too big or is too close to your house it many need to be removed to prevent damage.

We generally grind down the center of the stump and the larger roots. Then we let nature take its course and the root system will rot out in about a year.

Yes, we can leave some firewood for you to use. We also offer free firewood to our customers at our storage yard Bucklevel Road.

Generally we suggest that you do not plant a new tree in the exact area of the old stump. Off to the side would be a better option.

Our Vermeer stump cutter is about five feet wide. We would need to measure to be sure.

We normally suggest grinding the stump is better.

Our stump cutter is heavy, about 1,800 lbs. It has rubber caterpillar tracks. As long as the ground is dry it should not leave any marks. We suggest leaving off sprinkler systems and waiting for some dry days.

Yes, the ground down stump and dirt left behind is full of nutrition and will act as a fertilizer.